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The Healthy Way to Play Video Games

October 7, 2019

Video games are fun. They’re therapeutic. But they’re also addictive, consuming large amounts of your time. If you want to learn how to play video games with all the benefits it brings-and none of the cons-here are a few ways to indulge without messing up your body.


Protect Your Eyes

Stay healthy while you play. If you already stare at a computer screen all day for work, playing video games when you get home will give you eye strain. Dry eyes, headaches, and even blurry vision will follow. Learn to protect your eyes. Set up apps that remind you to look away from the screen every 20 minutes. Taking those breaks will help.


Avoid Certain Games

If you have a busy home life, avoid games that take up too much time. Play games that won’t require you to spend endless hours in front of the screen, especially if your video game schedule is sporadic at best. Reducing your gaming time will help you stay healthy while you hold on to your habit.


Keep Your Priorities Straight

Avoid the guilt by prioritizing your chores. Cross them off the list first before you play. If you have trouble setting up priorities, learn discipline from the best. Get a life coach in Phoenix, AZ to help you use your time productively.


Find Out What Works

Some people reserve late nights and weekend nights to video games. There’s no rule that says you can only play games at the expense of staying up late, though. An excellent lifestyle coach in Phoenix, AZ will teach you how to balance your schedule effectively. If late nights don’t work for you, try budgeting time for video games into other parts of your life. Wake up earlier than usual. Turn it into a date with your partner, allowing you to spend time with your spouse and still play.



Some games also let you get a little exercise. Pick up some of that so you can fit regular exercise into your gaming schedule. That’s a win for you in two ways: you get to enjoy the game all while breaking a sweat.


Manage Your Time

If you love playing video games, but they’re starting to take over your life, get professional help. Contact Hundred Life Design for a life coach in Phoenix, AZ to help you get your gaming in control. With better time management skills, your gaming life will improve.

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