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Improve your relationships. Master self-discipline. Set healthy boundaries. Boost your confidence. Become the person you want to be.

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Relationships | Dating | Friends & Family | Communication | Motivation | Organization | Self Esteem

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Life Balance

Optimize your nutrition and physique. Focus on what really works. Get your mind & body looking and working their best.

Expert Coaching in:
Heath & Fitness | Wellness | Nutrition | Sex Life | Stress Reduction | Weight Loss | Aging Gracefully

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Thrive in your work life. Boost your career. Increase your productivity. Make this your most successful year yet.

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Leadership | Career | Business | Productivity | Promotion & Raises | Entrepreneurship | Self Confidence

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Check out the latest content from the world of Hundred.

Technology´s impact on physical health

Technology´s Impact On Physical Health

People have serious problems with electronic devices and social media. Other than the massive waste of time, mental health impacts have been observed. But could these devices also be impacting our physical health?

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How to Ask Your Supervisor for More Responsibilities

How To Ask Your Supervisor For More Responsibilities

Asking for more responsibility can make your job more interesting, and is a great way to show your enthusiasm and demonstrate capacity for promotions. The only question is, how do you set yourself app this way? This blog will scratch the surface and gently guide readers to make an appointment with a HLD Designer.

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young leaders

Leading People Older Than You

Of course, being a young leader in the modern world can lead to some tough growing pains as you balance the line of being an authority and effective leader while also dealing with older peers who don’t necessarily want to answer to someone much younger and potentially less experienced.

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Why and How to Embrace Failure and Take a Risk

Why And How To Embrace Failure And Take A Risk

Short term adjustments or a lifetime of sacrifice.
How taking the “risk” to adjust to something new is infinitely more beneficial than being stagnant and skeptical of change at all costs. This applies to all aspects of life, but will primarily focus on trying new things and meeting new people in this writing.

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Art of working smarter

Work Smarter

We find ourselves working or giving the illusion of working out of fear of not appearing to hold our weight within the organization instead of working effectively to get the job done. We fear our coworkers will think we’re lazy, inefficient, or not as busy as everyone.

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physical beauty

The Negative Impacts Of Idolizing And Prioritizing Physical Beauty

We’re always a little light on the personality trait qualifiers because let’s face it, you can’t make love to someone’s personality. While being physically attracted to your partner is certainly an important aspect of a relationship, it’s becoming all too common for physical attractiveness to be the most important (in some cases, only) characteristic we look for in a partner instead of a piece of the pie.

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work life integration

Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Relationships at Home?

When it comes to talking about big ambitions, the word sacrifice generally comes up at some point during the conversation. This is particularly the case when it comes to promotions and high performance in the workplace. In today’s highly competitive world, it’s easy to take the word “sacrifice” to the extreme; giving birth to creatures like The Workaholic and The Burnout.

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Brain Food

Nutrition and Cognitive Function

Have you found yourself feeling a little off? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate during exams? Does your mind wander at night when you should be sleeping? Did you remember to do… that one thing? Or maybe it was two things?

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turning your biggest setbacks into your greatest victories.

Lost your job? Now what?

Sometimes, though, this can be a pretty big challenge. When you’ve suffered a recent job loss, it can send you into a downward spiral—and it may take a while to recover.
But as with everything else, it’s all about perspective. Getting laid off at work gives you the opportunity to start over again, to learn to thrive in a different way. So it’s time to pick yourself up and plan your next steps. Because when your calendar’s suddenly clear, you’re wide open for chasing new, exciting opportunities.

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The Importance Of Consistency In Life

Browse through Facebook, Instagram, your favorite business periodical, or channels on TV, and it’s there: the message that new and different is the way to go...the path to success. Innovation is the “it” word these days. Everything from friends jumping on the latest fashion trend bandwagon to startups turning the industry on its head with a new strategy to new weight loss fads seemingly daily….

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selfie phenomenon

Are you doing things just for the sake of a selfie? (Chances are, probably!)

Today, the selfie is a global phenomenon, our self-portraits in the digital age. We love to see ourselves at our best, in beautiful places, doing amazing things. And if you’re like most, you’re probably guilty of going to those places and doing those things only for the sake of the “perfect” selfie.

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Life Balance

Work Life balance from the Leader’s perspective. What is the balance?

This is now the age where a constant stream of go, go, go, and work, work, work is the norm and employees even feel a sense of guilt when they need to take personal time. Fears of being left behind, replaced or let go, not making goals or meeting deadlines, and even disdain among coworkers or employers keep employees in a consistent cycle of working while forgetting to maintain their own personal wellness.

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