One on One Mentoring. Done Digitally.


Kick-start your own journey.

Hundred’s Life Designers are experts with proven, real-world experience. Turn your life’s vision into reality. Stop letting life happen to you - take control and design the life you want.


Yourself & Others.

Improve your relationships with your friends, partners, family, and colleagues.
Master self-discipline and set boundaries. Develop self love and build your confidence.

The Ultimate Goal: Become the person you want to be.

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Life Balance

Optimize your nutrition and physique. Establish a health mindset.
Debunk the fads and focus on what actually works. Minimize the aging process.

The Ultimate Goal: Get your mind & body looking and working their best.

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Engage & Perform

Rise & Thrive quickly in your current position. Boost your career trajectory. Launch your own business. Command the recognition you deserve. Increase your productivity.

The Ultimate Goal: Make this your most successful year yet.

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Experts who have the knowledge you need.

Whether you’ve been thinking of making a change or you know you’re ready to take action, the right information on how to get there is essential.

Alining with a mentor is a fundamental step in transforming your ideas into something real.

One on one conversations for the insights and tools required to take the next step.

Meet your Life Designer digitally. At your own pace.

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5 Simple Steps.

Connecting with a Life Designer is simple. All you need is a computer,
tablet, or smartphone with a webcam and stable internet.


Create a Profile

Profiles are free to create and you may choose to keep your information anonymous.


Browse Life Designers

Check out our entire Life Designer directory or search for your perfect fit.



Once you find a Life Designer you like, view their calendar and book an appointment.


Start Talking

Click the invitation link in your appointment confirmation email and start your conversation at the reserved time. Don't worry, you will receive reminders prior to your video call.



While some conversations can be had in 1 session, we recommend developing a regular routine for best results. Talk to your Life Designer about setting up a schedule best suited to your needs.


One session at a time.

Pricing starts at $80 per hour.

Life Designer

Master´s Degree or Equivalent

Minimum 5 years experience

Academic excellence

Proven track

Top of their game

Ahead of the curve

Life Designer Pro

Doctoral Degree or Equivalent

Minimum 10 years experience

Public Recognition


Business Savvy

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Advanced licenses & certifications


Turn Setbacks into Setups

Check out the latest content from the world of Hundred.
Be sure to read some of our featured articles written by our own Life Designers.

new year's resolution

Your New Year’s Resolution Needs to Start NOW!

If you were serious about running marathon, would you?

1. Start your training months in advance
2. Wake up the day of the event, put on your shoes, and casually show up to the starting line.

The answer is obvious—

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What’s the right amount of downtime?

Unfortunately, “laziness” and “indulgence” can almost be pejorative words in today’s fast-paced world. But taking some time for ourselves is a healthy habit that can even help us maximize our productivity in the long run.

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never settle

Never settle for less than your standards

It’s an ugly word, settling. We know we should never settle, but we’ve all done it from time to time, resigning ourselves to a lesser option instead of reaching for what we truly want, whether that’s financially, romantically, emotionally, or vocationally. And often, we or the people we love settle without even realizing we’ve done so.

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How to Manage Expectations in Life

In a way, expectations can be helpful: they can give us a sense of motivation and direction, or help us meet certain standards. But how do we start manage expectations instead of letting them rule our lives?

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late night food

Is It Bad To Eat At Night? Here’s The Scoop On Evening Hunger

It’s been a busy day, and dinner was just a few bites here and there. Around 11, just before heading off to bed, your evening hunger sets in. You head to the fridge but stop yourself from opening it as you glance at the clock. You head to bed, still feeling hungry, and have a restless night, yet you imagine you’re doing good for your waistline. What wrong with this scenario?

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comfort zone

Benefits Of Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As human beings, we’re wired to seek comfort to help us feel calm and balanced. Unfortunately, when we’re comfortable, we’re not often at our most productive, which is why it can be so crucial to learn to step outside of our comfort zone from time to time.

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people pleaser

The Hidden Dangers of Being a People Pleaser

We all want to be thought of as selfless, helpful, kind—the definition of a good friend. However, for some of us, it’s possible to take things too far.

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Dreams or Personal Goals? The Life Design Concept

When planning for your future, are you supposed to follow your dreams or set personal goals? We are always told to follow our dreams, yet calling someone a dreamer implies they are unrealistic.

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Alcohol Effects On Metabolism, Weight and Physique

Alcohol itself doesn’t bloat your waistline, but the changes it causes in your body can lead to weight gain.

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How to Write a Resume: Unconventionally Successful

Before you ever get that first handshake, first interview, or first phone call, the only physical representation a prospective employer will see of you is your resume. Your resume is your “paper representative.”

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new friends

New Friends: Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

Conversely, keeping negative relationships in your life just because they are your old friend, you grew up together, or share a history, is not doing you any favors; it might be time for new friends.

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interview tips

The weaknesses you need for your interview

Then, out of nowhere, your interviewer throws you a curveball by asking, “what are some of your weaknesses?” All of your imperfections run through your mind…. What do you say?

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