Steffen Zawierucha

Steffen Zawierucha

M. Sc. Power Electronics

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Hi, I'm Steffen! I am an engineer, startup entrepreneur and have a passion for helping people become financially free. I develop electronic applications for the automotive industry and founded my own tech startup in a similar field. Regardless of your industry, if you have a business idea, I can help you take it from a stage of ideation into profitable reality.

Experience & Achievements

Founder & CEO of Simplycated GmbH

Electrical Engineer for Mercedes-Benz (Germany & Silicon Valley)

M. Sc. Powerelectronics - University of Stuttgart

B. Sc. Powerelectronics - University of Stuttgart

Areas of Specialty

Start Up Business Mentoring

Developing business ideas, identifying strategic markets, selecting the right people, grow quickly and organically.

Product Development

Make-or-buy decision of your product / idea, supply chain analysis.

Balancing Your Work Lives

Keeping your day job and building a company on the side. It's possible!

Financial Freedom

What does it take to be financially free? Do you have the right mindset for your financial future? Let's develop a plan for you and get started!

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