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Ken Koch

Leadership Coach & Motivation Mentor

"Lead, follow or get out of the way" ~ Ken Koch

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I am a servant at heart and have found the greatest affirmations in my life have come from helping others prepare for and overcome the challenges they face. Everyone faces adversity and more than 35 years of law enforcement, emergency management and military experience have certainly given me my share. If my experiences can help you overcome the adversity you are facing now, achieve that life long dream you have or redefine your personal or professional goals, then I would love to work with you.

Throughout my life's pursuits I have invested in coaches and mentors (there are specific differences here) who guided me on my path to achieving some of my wildest dreams. I want nothing more than to pay those services forward. Providing these services by coaching or mentoring others who enlist to discover a new path for themselves has been my honor, and are where I have found a true calling.


  • Event and Emergency Management Coordinator - Colorado, 2018-Present
  • ICS, NIMS and FEMA certifications in multiple disciplines, specializing in Continuity of Government and Continuity of Operations planning.
  • Chief of Police - New Mexico & Colorado, 2012-2018
  • Officer to Deputy Chief of Police - Arizona, 1989-2012
  • FBI National Academy - Quantico, Virginia, 2009
  • Co-Founder, IACP Leadership in Police Organizations, 2006
  • SWAT Operator and Team Commander, 1992-2011
  • U.S. Air Force Special Operations - TACP, 1984-1989
  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice - Northern Arizona University, 2000
  • Avid cyclist who completed several ultra-endurance events that challenge both mind and body.


  • Leadership Development

    I work with you to identify the stage of leadership development you curently occupy and provide guidance on how you can progress to more effective stages. Continual improvement is crucial to effective leadership and growth.

  • Motivation & Goal Setting

    Understanding how motivation develops is a key factor in guiding others to find motivation. I can define the three catagories that impact motivation for you and help you identify where your motivation may be lacking.

  • Pension Planning & Career Transition

    Professions that provide pensions are great. But we often don't pay enough attention to "retirement", early on in our careers. I work with you to plan for life after your current career and how to supplement your pension.

  • Work - Life Balance

    Time management is crucial to finding balance. Identifying the "big rocks" in your personal and professional life and re-defining the "small rocks" that can take a back seat, will create a new path for you to walk.

  • Dealing With Change

    Experiencing change as an individual is always difficult. Managing change as a leader is difficult and time consuming. I can share successful mindsets and structured plans to deal with both of these challenges.

  • Career Development

    I work with you to identify sources of workplace conflict, important relationship dynamics and the benefits of recognizing these influencers on your sense of fullfillment in the workplace. Lets make your career rewarding.

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