Janice Stevenson

Janice Stevenson

Master of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching

Life Coaching - general life coaching techniques. Spiritua Coaching - Christian coaching. Family Coaching - help you to create healthy and happy family dynamics. Parenting Coaching - helps parent to develop resource for parenting challenges.

Price: $180
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Providing motivational and support services for over five years.
As your coach you will discover your gifts and talent's, and the confidence and strength you need to fulfill your purpose.

Experience & Achievements

M.S. Psychology - Grand Canyon University

B.S. Christian Studies & Youth Ministries - Grand Canyon University

Certified Professional Life Coach - Life Coach Institute of Orange County

Certified Motivationa Interviewing - Behavior Change Consulting

Areas of Specialty

Parenting Support

Parent(s) dealing with the difficulties of parenting a teen(s). Single Parent(s) Parenting children of any ages. Parenting children without the other parent involvement Co Parenting Blended Parenting

Youth and Young adults Counselor

Help youth age 7 and 20 dealing with challenges; bullying, peer relationship, parent & sibling relationships. Help young adults age 19 to 28 to overcome challenges and fears, to accomplish their goals.

New Beginnings

Helping Individuals turn the hurtful changes in their life into successes.

Motivational Support

Providing encouragement to build self-esteem and self worth.

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