Conversations with the unconventionally successful.

Episode 30 – Deviate from the Norm!

May 1, 2019

Tenny Avanesian is the founder & COO of Lemonette Dressings. However, Tenny does not have a typical entrepreneurial background. In fact, starting her own company was one of the last things she ever expected to do. Check out how a massive change in life direction can lead to great success.

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Episode 29 – Contributing Beyond Yourself

April 24, 2019

Tim Cooper is an author, speaker and a specialist in life recovery coaching. He has been hailed as “one of the most authentic, genuine and relatable coaches in the market today, transforming the lives of thousands of people. In Tim's eyes there is no greater gift than investing in yourself.

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Episode 28 – Beyond Healthy Body Image

April 17, 2019

Kirsty Dunne is a celebrity fitness expert, wellness performance leader and brand ambassador for Adidas. She strives to go beyond body transformation, by breaking away from traditionalism and transcending the health and fitness industry. A health and fitness cultural disruptor, she believes that goals are not enough. It’s the commitment and the journey that gets lasting results.

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Episode 27 – Our Innner Child Knows Best

April 10, 2019

Nikiva Dionne is a name to keep out for among the Holywood Scene. With several apperances on HBO and CBS programms, Nikiva is quickly gaining traction as an up and comming star. Having studied Fashion in New York where she also began her Modeling career, Nikiva is an Actress with unparalleled work ethic and a learning spirit.

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Episode 26 – Elite Performance for Life

April 3, 2019

Alison Curdt is a PGA Master Professional in Instruction and a LPGA Class A Member. Being one of 9 women to achieve the highest PGA credential earned by an instructor, Alison has over 29 years of golf competition background. Combined with her Ph.D in Psychology, Alison helps clients take their mental game to a whole new level.

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Episode 25 – Never accept No for an answer

March 28, 2019

Billy Blanks Jr. is the pioneer behind the internatinoally celebrated dance-aerobic fitness program, Dance It Out. Once homeless, Billy is now a worldwide success. Billy is known for never accepting "no" as an answer. Listen as he dives into just what exactly that means.

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Episode 24 – 9 Steps to Being The Greatest in The World

March 20, 2019

Galen Bingham is the former senior sales manager for Coca-Cola and an awarding winning leader and coach. Galen has run $100MM divsions of his own and has, and still does, help other Fortune 100 companies and leaders to build some of the worlds best, most recognizable brands.

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Episode 23- Consistency Builds a Champion

March 13, 2019

Jay Cutler is the four-time Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Champion and founder of Cutler Nutrition. How did he achieve "Best In the World" status? One word: Consistency. It's what separates Jay from the rest. Learn how this simple but effective practice has made Jay a champion and can make you one as well.

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Episode 22- Forget Work Life Balance

March 6, 2019

Shannon Bevers is an Execurtive Coach, HR Expert, and believes Work-Life Balance Concept is misleading! Listen as Shannon explains are more enlightened, holistic way of incorporating our working and personal lives into something we genuinly enjoy.

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