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Episode 57 – Almuth Braun

March 4, 2020

With us today is Almuth Braun, an expert in industrial and organizational psychology, an exclusive consultant for Mercedes Benz, and founder of Braun Coaching. Almuth has helps key executives at one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers to in transformation change projects, as well as holistic and individual development.

That’s corporate speak for: “Almuth helps leaders lead, teams perform better, and makes work environments more pleasant, but also more effective.”

Outside the world of Daimler, Almuth also works with private clients on similar challenges. And something you probably didn’t know, Almuth was actually my old boss! That's right, my time at Mercedes was spent under Almuth’s leadership. And no, she’s not the reason why I left! In fact, Almuth taught me a lot about people, business culture, and management. And she was very tolerant of my less than stellar German!

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Episode 56 – Michael Bornhorst

February 28, 2020

Michael Bornhorst is an entrepreneur, real estate developer, and master life coach. Michael has had tremendous success in the world of business, has conquered addiction, traveled the world, rode his bike across America and is a licensed psychotherapist.

I hold Michael in very high regard as a coach who truly empowers others from a place of experience. Michael is no slouch, and his life experiences combined with business acumen have earned him some extremely high profile coaching clients and keynote speaking opportunities.

Today, Michael runs his own private practice called Offshore Coaching. I met Michael through a business network and I really enjoyed my conversation with him. I think his insights and view on the world is something you’ll enjoy as well.

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Episode 55 – Cathy Droz

February 20, 2020

Cathy Droz is the Founder and CEO of HER Certified® the industry’s first comprehensive certified dealer program aimed to help dealerships better serve female car buyers. A native of New York, she was just 17 when she purchased the family sedan, which evolved into a 40-year career including opening a full-service automotive advertising agency, and, most recently, publishing her first book, “A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car with Confidence and Street Smarts.

Highly respected by industry influencers, Cathy has test driven more than 500 vehicles, giving her insight and knowledge on virtually every make and model on the market to effectively educate the car buying consumer and make the search for the perfect automobile a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Cathy has been awarded the 2016 Phoenix Suns Amazing Women award and the 2018 Honoree for Outstanding Women in Business. Today, Cathy continues to educate people not only on buying a car, but the mindset and skills needed to bootstrap a business from the ground up as well.

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Episode 54 – CIRQ+

February 12, 2020

Episode 54 - CIRQ+

Joining us today is Yani and Jodi Derros, founders of ATOM Innovation. This husband and wife team run a very interesting design research firm in Scottsdale Arizona, where among a number of exciting and popular products, have created a device that’s soon to change your hotel room experience.

The product is called CIRQ+ and think of it as Alexa on steroids, specifically designed to create a fully voice activated in-room private concierge high-end hotel experience. While you may not have heard of CIRQ+ product at the time of this recording, I assure you this is not some trendy pipe dream idea. With major contracts for high end hotel chains throughout the UK and Arizona already in place, CIRQ+ is likely to make it into your room within the next year.

As far as Yani and Jodi go, they are a power couple I hold in very high regard. In fact, I’ve even personally done business with them in the past and was beyond impressed.

Yani brings over 26 years of experience developing advanced product solutions for start-ups and global corporations. Yani has played an instrumental role in helping companies raise over $120 million in venture capital. His creativity has been honored with numerous international product design / innovation awards in addition to over 65 U.S. and international patents received to date.

Jodi also brings over 26 years of experience as a Brand expert having been behind major marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola, Colgate-Palmolive, BMW, Sylvania, Rolls Royce, and Reebok. Jodi brings extensive experience in the hospitality world as well including work with Arnold Palmer designed golf courses and The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, among many others.

Together, Yani and Jodi are exceptional at developing new brands by building strategic and creative solutions delivering sustainable and long-term growth in the marketplace.

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Episode 53 – Thelis Negron

February 5, 2020

I’m proud to introduce my friend Thelis Negron. She is the founder of MBX Fit, a boutique fitness and life coaching studio just outside New York City. I’ve known Thelis for a couple years now, and actually met her while I was at a rather pivotal point in my own life.

The story goes like this; A few years back I had a falling out with an investor in a company I was building at the time. The separation was an unpleasant one, but determined to go out on my own, I began the process of forming what would eventually become Hundred Life Design. In those early days I was anxious to meet with anyone who was in the coaching or health and wellness space.

Completely by chance, I came across MBX and read about Thelis online. I was fascinated by the work she was doing and what her studio was all about. I decided to reach out to reach out to her by way of a cold email. And even though she had no idea who I was, she agreed to meet with me. To this day, I’m still not sure why. But I’m glad she did.

I was impressed with the business she had built completely on her own. And as I listened to her story, I was inspired and motivated more than ever to stick with my own idea. Today, I have a short list of people who I attribute to much of the successes I’ve had. And Thelis is certainly on that list.

But beyond my own personal story, Thelis is the real deal! She is a mental health expert and certified personal trainer, holding degrees in Sports Medicine and Psychology. With over 15 years of experience training celebrities and appearing as an expert on several weight loss reality tv shows and fitness magazines, Thelis and her company, MBX, have their own unique and hugely effective blend of combining fitness with mental coaching.

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Episode 52 – Kevin Heaphy

January 29, 2020

Kevin Heaphy is a legal attorney and shareholder partner in Ryley Carlock and Applewhite, one of Phoenix’s oldest and most prestigious law firms. Kevin and his team focus on business law, specialize in establishing new companies, and helping startups get off on the right foot.

Kevin has a very impressive track record of successful litigation, business formations, and publications. Beyond that, I found Kevin’s approach to working with companies to very practical, transparent, and approachable.

I’ve really enjoyed conversations in the past with Kevin and it was something I wanted to share with all of you now. Because like me, it goes without saying, Kevin believes wholeheartedly in the importance of setting your enterprise up right. Let’s find out why.

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Episode 51 – Topher Overstreet

January 23, 2020

Topher Overstreet is the man behind Rocket Build, a mobile and web app development shop and IT consulting firm.

Today, Topher and his team are responsible for building some of the most sophisticated mobile applications used by various state governments throughout America. But there was a time not long ago when Rocket build was nothing more than just another team of programmers in very crowded space of app development.

So who is Topher and how did he do it? Well, as you’re about to find out, Topher is a pretty humble dude, so I don’t want to over sensationalize his intro. So I’ll simply say this. Topher holds degrees in Computer Information Systems and has earned himself and MBA. I’ve personally done business with him in the past and was extremely impressed. Beyond that, I’ll let him answer the how:

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Episode 50 – NineQ

January 15, 2020

Dr. Laura Ciel and William Poett. Laura and William are the founders of a very progressive and hugely successful consulting and education firm called NineQ. NineQ’s mission is to coach and educate leaders on their ability to build thriving, impactful and profitable cultures. And honestly, the work they do is totally applicable to life outside the world of business too.

Starting with Laura, she is a doctor of Psychology from Pepperdine University and is an expert in leadership, human performance, and emotional & energetic intelligence. Laura brings to the table over 25 years of success in teaching leaders, helping startups launch, establishing non-profits, and building high performing teams in the banking, finance, film, and legal industries.

William brings 30 years of experience as a human performance expert specializing in energetic, and emotional intelligence as well as peak performance training. Having began his career as a close quarter combat instructor William has worked with and trained members of the world’s most elite military, law enforcement, and athletic teams. William is also an 11th degree blackbelt, licensed pilot, and survival specialist. Today, he works with leaders to help them win in any environment.

The brains behind NineQ are impressive to say the least. And usually reserved for high performing executives, I am honored to have the chance to get some one on one time with Laura and William. Let’s hear what they have to say.

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Episode 49 – Mentour Pilot

January 8, 2020

Introducing our first guest for the season! His name is Petter, though he is more commonly known by his Alias, Mentour Pilot. A commercial aviation pilot and instructor turned tech startup entrepreneur and youtube sensation, Petter is the perfect example of a guy who Walks the Talk. Petter has over 61 million views on his YouTube Channel to date, where he provides educational and entertaining content from the world commercial flight.

And when he’s not flying around the world or producing his next youtube hit, Petter is tapping into his entrepreneurial side by leveraging his experience as a flight instructor to pioneer one of the world’s first VR App based pilot training programs. So whether you’re serious about being a pilot yourself or you’re like me and just find airplanes cool, the Mentour Pilot app, videos, and content have something for almost everyone.

So with all this in mind, let’s talk to Petter and see how he went from growing up in a small town in Sweden to becoming one of the most influential names in the aviation industry.

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