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Episode 66 – Anthony J. Parkinson

May 27, 2020

Anthony J. Parkinson divides his time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Vancouver, Canada. He is an energetic and engaging visionary with global experience at the most senior level. He is delighted to be in the position to work with many young people — both athletes and entrepreneurs — to help them reach their full potential.

As well, Tony sits on several boards in both advisory and administrative positions. A lifelong student himself, he is pleased to have a close relationship with several post secondary institutions.

Tony has has found himself increasingly immersed in championing new enterprise in evolving disciplines including nutraceuticals, solar power, water treatment and medical innovations.

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Episode 65 – LaQuita Cleare

May 3, 2020

LaQuita Cleare is a public speaking coach. Well actually she’s way more than just that! She is a business owner and inspirational figure among many other things. In 2005 she got her first speaking gig. Today, she travels the world working with groups and individuals on one of humanity's most feared activities, public speaking.

Her company, Clear Media Communication, helps countless people including CEO’s, Coaches, Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and more to become brilliant, powerful communicators.

She has spoken and taught in more than 20 countries, and has been seen on stage, radio shows, television and film screens around the world. Though super successful today, that wasn’t always the case for LaQuita. Her story of overcoming great odds is an impressive one, and I’m honored to have her join us today.

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Episode 64 – Chelsea Young

April 21, 2020

As a lifelong student of the written word, Chelsea Young has a heart for inspiring others through writing. Chelsea is the founder of lifestyle brand Color Everything and the Phoenix-based author of The Color of Mother, a picture book that colorfully illustrates the special bond between mothers and children.

Chelsea often says she lives in the world of words, and that she does! After studying journalism and earning a master’s degree in professional writing, Chelsea has gone on to be an editor at five magazines. She is currently the editor-in-chief of So Scottsdale magazine. Chelsea is also a freelance writer and editor for entrepreneurs and businesses across a variety of industries, and has taught writing at a university. Chelsea continues to lead workshops on writing, editing and getting media coverage as well as empowerment workshops for children.

Chelsea sells The Color of Mother on her site at www.coloreverything.love, where books are signed and a portion of proceeds are donated to Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels. The book is also available at more than a dozen stores in Phoenix and Santa Fe, and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target.

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Website: www.coloreverything.love
Instagram: @color.everything @young_chelsea
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coloreverything

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Episode 63 – Dave Kammerer

April 18, 2020

Dave Kammerer is a personal friend and mentor. And at one point in time he was also my neighbor! Dave has extensive experience in the field of financial lending. He leads a high performance team of top financiers for Summit Funding and works with select business clients for coaching services.

Dave has mentored me on developing a money mindset, picking apart my business model, and helping me to really understand what it means to “have your money work for you.” I was lucky enough to befriend him, probably because we both share a passion for classic cars. But generally, the advice and insight Dave has given me is something most senior business people line up and wait for.

I’m honored to have Dave join us, and I’m sure you’ll get some good takeaways from one of the guys who helped me get to where I am today.

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Episode 62 – Healthy Vending AZ

April 9, 2020

Joining me today is Jeff Porter and Christina Igemansdotter, the couple behind Healthy Vending AZ, a young startup business in Phoenix, Arizona. Healthy Vending AZ is about exactly that, providing healthy food alternatives to vending machines around the state.

Jeff and Christina are both very health conscious people, obviously. But they are also entrepreneurs at heart. And though relatively new to the startup space, Healthy Vending AZ is already getting great traction.

As for Jeff and Christina themselves, they are a great testament to the fact that married couples can successfully build a business and stay happily together! Let’s hear how they do it.

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Episode 61 – James Robilotta

April 3, 2020

James Robilotta is an award winning, recognized professional speaker. He is also a stand-up and improv comedian, a writer, and a coach. James’ outgoing personality and hilarious sense of humor make him one of the most relatable and approachable coaches I’ve ever met.

But it isn’t just humor that sets James apart. His powerful keynotes make audiences pause. He is thought provoking and masterfully navigates the delicate art of challenging your thinking.

Equally interesting in my opinion is James’ story. From starting out as a humble performer, James has built himself a name, a reputation, and an impressive list of clients. Prior to this podcast, I’ve had philosophical conversations with James and really enjoyed our talks. I’m excited to share his insights with you all today.

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Episode 60 – Andrew Kolikoff

March 26, 2020

Andrew Kolikoff, what a guy! He is a serial entrepreneur and probably one of the most accomplished coaches and networkers I know. In fact, Andrew was one of the first guys I met when I first moved to Phoenix, and it was through him that I very quickly made business contacts and friendships.

When I say Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, I mean it. He has built and sold 5 companies of his own, and is currently juggling 3 new ones. His resume is extensive and impressive, but perhaps most impressive of all is his ability to create and leverage networks.

Andrew is a Business Growth coach and founder of The Secret Sauce Society, a by invitation only networking group which is really a lot more like a support group for the highly ambitious. I’ve had the privilege of attending a few of these events and it was an experience to say the least! And I mean that in the best way possible.

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Episode 59 – Kimberly Tocco

March 22, 2020

Kimberly Tocco, a personal friend and inspiration model for us all. Kimberly took the pain and grief of losing her 13 year old son to suicide and channeled it into a vehicle to change lives. From pro bono work she does in real estate, to being featured on HGTV's Pool Hunters, to her innovative Podcast, That Bitchin' Real Estate Show, her drive and focus is to change lives by sharing our stories and building community through giving back.

Winning many awards and steadily selling 12 to 15 million in real estate per year, the timing was right to launch her book and speak out against the stigma of suicide.

Her story of resilience, positive thinking, entrepreneurialism, grit, and overcoming great odds are as impressive as they are inspiring. Since I moved to Phoenix, Kimberly has also personally invited me on to her very entertaining podcast show and helped me out tremendously in getting settled into my new home. I’m excited to share her story with you all today.

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Episode 58 – Bill Birgen

March 12, 2020

Bill Birgen is mad scientist of sorts. He is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an inventor. Bill has spent over 30 years working in the aerospace industry with a long history of developing aerospace and defense systems, and holding a diverse collection of patents. His contributions include work done for Virgin Galactic, the 747 Supertanker, Smart Armor and a respectable number of classified Department of Defense programs.

A short while ago, Bill started a company called Soggy Food Sucks. Soggy Food Sucks makes take away food containers that keep crispy food crispy, crunchy food crunchy, and prevents the condensation caused by hot food from making your meal soggy.

It sounds a little gimmicky, but it works. And not just from a food container perspective. But from a business model as well. Bill’s story is rebellious, humorous, and a bit zainy. Exactly what you’d expect from a mad scientist.

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