Timothy I. Matthews

Timothy I. Matthews

M.S. Counseling Psychology, M.Ed. Research & Prevention Science

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I help catalyze desired lifestyles through teaching purposeful communication and storytelling. Within my approach, we will work together to discover your current story (understand your strengths), what you want your story to be (understand your goals), and how to have the will and the tools to make that story come alive (achieve your desired lifestyle).

Experience & Achievements

More than 10,000 hours counseling individuals & facilitating psychotherapy groups

Told and heard stories in more than 50 countries. Addressed audiences with 2000+ members.

Designed and delivered content and programs related to communication, positive change, and relational success

Speaks, reads, and types Mandarin Chinese with basic proficiency.

Areas of Specialty


Whether it is internal, interpersonal, storytelling, or public speaking, learn to be more confident, clear, and purposeful in your communications.


We will discover and address the issues present in your relationships, and find creative ways to strengthen connection and nurture intimacy.

Positive Behavior Change

Together, we can engage in a positive behavioral change process that is realistic, exciting, and effective! You’ll discover your strengths, determine your goals, and achieve your desired lifestyle!

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