Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford

M.Ed. Counseling Psychology

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As a goal focused Life Designer, I help clients set and achieve ambitious outcomes. My primary intention is to encourage individuals to develop clear ideas about what they want from life and work with them to attain their goals. Flexibly, collaborative or directive, I work well with both driven and motivated individuals as well as those needing a little more guidance.

Experience & Achievements

Bachelor of Arts, concentration in affective neuroscience. Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.

Master of Education, concentration in counseling and human services. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

Family Counselor. Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR.

Areas of Specialty


Assisting parents in navigating struggles ranging from potty training to teen substance use. Behaviorally oriented approach guides parents as they tackle challenges and work to build positive, supportive relationships.


Learn to identify and communicate needs and wants in your relationship. Gain the skills to set and maintain boundaries while increasing your connection with your partner.

Stress management

Develop healthy ways to manage and deal with life's stressors. Discuss techniques and strategies to help reduce stress, increase satisfaction, and improve daily life.

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