Dr. Nathan  Velez

Dr. Nathan Velez

PhD Educational Psychology, LPC, LASAC

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I enjoy working with individuals by way of establishing a relationship in which we can navigate your life journey. It is my passion to assist others in finding their LIFE DESIGN and exploring the necessary elements that allows others to successfully navigate the journey of LIFE. We can partner to identify how you can maximize & navigate obstacles toward wellness.

Experience & Achievements

Published Author “Exploring Wellness and Impairment while controlling for Social Desirablity in Counseling Students.”

Successful and Experienced Behavioral Health Care Executive

Licensed Professional Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor

Certified in Motivational Interviewing & Published Wellness Expert

Areas of Specialty

Motivation & Perseverance

I will work with you on identifying the areas in your life that you are experiencing being stuck, to unleash your potential. Part of life is navigating the ups and downs, while remaining constant and motivated.

Untwist Your Thinking

Many of our life obstacles are presented due to our twisted thinking. Allow me to help you “untwist” your thinking by way of exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Seek to improve your thinking and outcomes.

Life Adjustments/Obstacles

Explore your life adjustments and obstacles that have kept you in a place of dissatisfaction. Look toward change by speaking about these items in a free from judgment atomosphere. Allow cathartic movement to take place.


As a John Maxwell Leader follower, allow me to tap into your inner leadership strength and increase your leadership capabilities to help produce other leaders in your job, family, community and self. Increase your capabilites

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