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Greg Feinberg

Leadership / Entrepreneurship / Brand Developing Coach

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Greg Feinberg is the President and Founder of Sunset Blvd Ventures, LLC (“SBV”). SBV is the first and only company that strategically partners with CPG brands to provide the critical capital along with a world-class sales team specifically designed to grow these brands. SBV represents clients throughout the U.S. as well as many International companies. These clients are involved in food and beverage, health and beauty, nutritional supplements and pet products, among others.

Greg is an expert in the U.S. retail landscape, especially concerning emerging brands. Greg is a chief contributor and coach for the Food Marketing Institute’s Emerging Brand hub (www.moreshelfspace.org). Greg regularly speaks on the “value of packaging” as well as the psychology of shopping and consumer behavior. In addition, Greg continuously interviews senior executives at major retail chains to fully understand the mindset and requirements of the retailers.

Greg has been a member of Young Presidents’ Organization since 2006 and is on the International Board of YPO as a Networks Committee Member.

Greg graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and received his Juris Doctor degree from Hastings College of the Law (University of California) in San Francisco. Greg is married to Candice (YPOG Santa Monica Bay) has one daughter, Amanda (26) and two step sons, Alex (24) and Nick (22).


  • Current President & CEO of Sunset Blvd Ventures
  • Current President & CEO of Aisle 9 Group
  • 15+ Year Member of Young Presidents' Organization
  • Former President of Marfed Industry


  • Psychology of Consumer Behavior

    An important trait of any successful business is to understand the psychology behind customer behavior. My experiences have helped me in creating strategic marketing strategies aimed to help both consumers and businesses

  • Entrepreneurship

    Are you having difficulty with your brand/vision creation? Connect with me, and I will use my years of entrepreneurial experiences to help you create your dream business!

  • Brand Development

    As CEO of Sunset Blvd, the specialization in brand recognition and growth has given me extensive knowledge in this field. Let me help you grow your brand and further the successes of your future business ventures

  • Leadership

    My years as the President and CEO of many companies have substantially reinforced my leadership skills. I specialize in helping other professionals with their business challenges regarding leadership and management efficiency

President at Styleworks Design Group, Inc

Greg is a talented strategic thinker that also executes very well. Greg was the visionary behind Vyant, the first Manufacturing-based Marketing firm specializing in concept-to-shelf for consumer products. While President of Marfred Industries (Vyant's parent company), Greg was responsible for diversifying the company geographically as well as vertically through multiple acquisitions.
— Brian P. X. Malloy

SVP, Marketing at DRINKS

With Greg's background in business and law, he is uniquely qualified to run and build any business. During his time at Marfred he acquired 4-5 companies and successfully integrated them into the Marfred business, significantly increasing overall revenue. He will be an asset to any organization.
— Michael Rogers

Owner, The Printing Connection

Greg is a great communicator with great skills to manage, motivate and implement his unique vision for creating great opportunities for the companies he works for. Personally, I've enjoyed seeing Greg put forward a terrific business model that will succeed everywhere he goes.
— Henry Steenackers

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