George Ross Fisher V

George Ross Fisher V

Resolution Mediator, Recovery Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

"You can only be what you know yourself to be." -Neale Donald Walsch

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The basic assumptions we hold for our place in the world and our fundamental perceptions are the lenses that bring our relationships with reality into shape. Given the proper reflection, accountability partnerships can be priceless assets to our self-awareness. Who are you? I am excited to learn the answer, and bear witness to your discovery. I will not ask of you anything I have not first asked of myself nor will I speak from any position other than personal experience.
Our first connection is my introduction to your journey’s story. Together we will speak and walk our shared vision of life into existence with the courage to voluntarily step into new territory. And, in the mean time, I am always standing by. - George V

Experience & Achievements

M.FA. in Performing Arts

Certificate in Recovery Coaching

Certificate in Kundalini Yoga Instruction

Areas of Specialty

Motivation and Perseverance

I empathize with your struggle, share the success of my own, and together we will tussle with our baser natures until they are in our control and the discipline is integrated in the subconscious mind.

Love Yourself

Identifying the finite aspects of ourselves that we find reprehensible allows us to observe and transform the patterns of our own behavior that creates a true relationship with ourselves.

Eat, Train, and Recover

Input and output accountability will target the right areas for potential growth and provide a personalized guide for success.


Taking control of our outlook and behavior no matter how the other person or people may choose to behave or perceive us will correct our concept of ourself so we are truly free in all conditions of our relationships.


Setting proper boundaries and clarifying our role and the role of our group will give us efficiency in our focus and decisions to maximize our commonality with others in our group and minimize variables out of our control.

Untwist Your Thinking

Learning to distinguish with specificity and sincerity between our pains and our desire to change transforms the placement of our footing on the path we determine for ourselves diminishing the power of externalities over us.