Elethia Gay

Elethia Gay

Certified Health and Wellness Coach/Professional Trainer/MBA

Be the light!

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My name is Coach E and I am your Health and Wellness Coach. I started Alexander Q in 2008 for women who needed wardrobe help. Today, I am a life coach, fitness trainer and a “Ready? Let’s Go, Strategist”. I’m not there to help you carry your baggage. I am here to help you drop it.

As the founder of Alexander Q Health and Wellness, I make sure our programs serve people, populations and corporations who are open to our 3 Q’s approach to wellness - - Quality, Quantity, and Quiet. This approach has resulted in tremendous success with busy moms who are turning into making it happen, Queens.
Exceeding our client's expectations is the cornerstone of AQ and the Q Girl Fitness brand. We offer experts in life coaching, nutrition, fitness, and meditation to serve the total you.

My Motto

You have to lose yourself to find yourself. Humility is not a bad thing. Indifference is. Not knowing your worth is. I used to think fake it until you make it meant I had to be someone else who seemed to have it together. You don’t have to be someone else to master the game. You simply have to master you!


  • MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business - Mercer University, 2004
  • Certified Life Coach - Wellcoaches International, 2019
  • Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, Pending 2019


  • Health and Wellness

    Good health is true wealth. As a result, I take a 3D approach to health and expand the meaning to include habits outside of just eating and movement. Together we develop a life plan based on your lifestyle.

  • Career

    Today it takes an entrepreneurial approach to function in a corporate environment. Figure out if it's them or how you're viewing the situation that's causing unrest. Put the foundation in place to grow where you are or leap.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Are you on thinking about doing it big and starting your own business? Awesome! What's next? Let's get to the heart of your mission, develop a strategy and plan of action so you can boldly step into your calling.

  • Relationships

    Many of our relationships and engagements are short and on screen. That leaves us in a relationship rut when we try to build, repair or manage those that are live and long term. Learn the basics to relationship building.

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