Dr. Moto Fujii

Dr. Moto Fujii

Psy.D. (Licensed), LCSW

Price: $200
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Dr. Moto Fujii (Psy.D. LCSW) has clinical experiences as a licensed psychologist and licensed social worker in California. As a psychologist Dr. Fujii has worked as a senior clinical/forensic psychologist specialist at a state hospital, immigration psychologist, professor, and a clinical supervisor overseeing unlicensed clinicians.

There is no set agenda for your sessions with Dr. Fujii. Each session is distinctively unique based upon your comfort, motivation, and transparency. His theoretical orientations are 'Integrated' utilizing available theoretical orientations adding Dr. Fujii's real life experiences. Dr. Fujii will formulate an individually tailored life plan exclusively for you.

You have been experiencing challenges in your life. You need to slow down. Self-care is important. Now you are investing your time to search a life designer for your health. Your life is meaningful and you deserve to be happier and healthier. Dr. Fujii is a strength based psychologist focusing on your potential for growth. Dr. Fujii wants to help you.

Experience & Achievements

Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist), LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) for 10+ years.

Areas of Specialty

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology addresses human strengths and potentials. "Why happy people are happy?" You deserved to be happy and maximize your life in many different ways!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will focus on changing your negative thought to positive and happy thought. It is all about perspectives.


Body and mind as a whole. Meditation will really help you improving your health.

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