Brian Uhlin Phd

Brian Uhlin Phd

Clinical Psychologist

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It has been my passion in life to learn as much as I can about ways that people make positive changes and face life's challenges. As a psychologist and coach, I love working with motivated and passionate people who are interested in improving their sense of agency and effectiveness, particularly in the contexts of their personal and professional relationships.

Experience & Achievements

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Mental Health Administration and Clinical Supervision

Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Life Coach, and NLP Practitioner

Research Associate and Consultant

Areas of Specialty

Interpersonal Efficacy and Conflict Resolution

Improve your impact and influence with others without coercion or manipulation. Resolve conflicts while strengthening connection, trust, and authenticity with the important people in your life.

Work Performance and Career Development

Harness your passion and talent in your professional life. Learn to work harder with less stress and more ease and enjoyment. Let's take your career to the next level!

Resolving Inner Conflict

Working through innner conflict often results in increased energy, clarity, motivation and focus. I offer several approaches for this purpose, including Internal Family Systems and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Positive Behavior Change

Are you wanting to change a pattern, habit or behavior? Rather than experiencing the change process as arduous and frustrating, we can collaborate to develop a game plan that is fun, exciting, and motivating!

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