Angela Hoffman

Angela Hoffman


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What if you felt healthy inside and out? What would be possible? I'm passionate about helping you cultivate wellness in all areas of your life. As a Certified Integral Coach and experienced Health Coach, I'm here to help you develop Whole Person Wellness. That includes not only physical health, but emotional, cognitive, social, career, and spiritual health. Your level of wellness in one area of life affects many others. Together we'll tackle these areas, uncover roadblocks, and replace them with thoughts and actions that see positive results.

Experience & Achievements

Certified Integral Coach© -- New Ventures West, 2015.

ACE© Certified Personal Trainer/Senior Fitness Specialist -- 2015

Master of Education -- 1998

Areas of Specialty

Physical Health

It's never too late to improve your health! I will partner with you to design a science-backed healthy living program that fits your needs and goals. Through support and accountability, you'll experience results that last.

Mental Well-Being

We need strong and resilient minds to thrive. I'll help you develop the mindsets you need to make clear decisions and act on them; set goals and achieve them; focus on what matters; and live with confidence and purpose.

Emotional Well-Being

Working skillfully with your emotions is critical to overall well-being. You'll learn to honor your emotions without letting them take control; work through them to refocus your mental stability; and express yourself clearly.

Wellness Integration

Our mental states, emotions, and physical health impact each other and our lives. My integrated approach gives you tremendous value. We'll work on issues that impact multiple areas; you'll experience whole-life improvement.