Alison Curdt

Alison Curdt

PsyD Clinical Psychology

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As a current professional athlete, coach, and licensed clinician I draw upon my experiences to help individuals achieve the best versions of themselves they wish to be. My warm and understanding demeanor will allow you to feel heard and understood, while my direct and organized approach will help drive your motivation and get you on the path you wish to be.

Experience & Achievements

PsyD-California Southern University, 2018

MA-Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy, Pepperdine University 2014

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, State of California 2016

Professional Athlete, current

Areas of Specialty


I can help you improve your performance in athletics, career, and other areas of your life where you have tasks to accomplish and goals to achieve. As a current professional athlete myself, I know what it takes to achieve!


I can help you improve relationships between family members, co-workers, teams, and your intimate partner. When your relationships are in harmony, you can move forward towards your goals with joy.

Trauma and Past Events

Sometimes our past failures and embarrassments can hold us back from being our best. I can help you explore those past events that hold you back and help you break through.

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